The Difference Between Isolation, Foundation, BB Cream, CC Cream

Oct. 26, 2018

First, the difference between BB cream and liquid foundation

BB cream is lighter and less irritating than liquid foundation. It is suitable for people with basic facial flaws and makeup, and is also suitable for summer skin color modification. The liquid foundation brightens the complexion and makes the skin more even and gives a matt finish.

Second, the difference between BB cream and cream

The cream is used after maintenance and before makeup. It is an important step to protect makeup and protect the skin. If you fall in love with make-up, you must use a cream!

BB creams generally have an isolating function, but the isolation can't be compared to a single use cream. Therefore, if the environment is usually dirty, the radiation is relatively obvious, you should use the isolation cream alone.

Third, the difference between CC cream and BB cream

Compared with BB cream, CC cream is more prone to sensitive skin repair and color correction, sub-health state repair and maintenance, suitable for long-term use, and essentially adjust to improve skin tone. The short-term concealing effect is not as thick as BB cream, and it tends to clear the natural and healthy brightening effect. Let the girls in the makeup, but also have more maintenance functions, make-up skin care combined into one, beautiful extra points.

Fourth, BB cream, CC cream and liquid foundation, cream

A common feature of BB cream and CC cream is that it is multi-effect, and one bottle can hold more bottles of makeup. However, although the two have multiple functions, they can't make every effect stand out. It can only be said to be an average effect. Therefore, if you don't want to make the skin burden so heavy, then you can try BB cream or CC cream. If you want to make up your makeup, follow the original steps.

* Normal makeup order is: maintenance (basic skin care) - isolation - liquid foundation - powder / loose powder

* People with poor skin need to conceal: maintenance - BB cream; maintenance - cream; maintenance - CC cream

* Use both cream and BB cream: Care - Isolation Cream - BB Cream / CC Cream

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