Small Capacity Analysis Of Lotion Bottle Packaging

Nov. 30, 2018

Lotion bottles, as an important classification of cosmetic bottle packaging, have always been the focus of the market. In the past, in order to highlight grades, lotion bottle packaging is generally based on glass or acrylic, with Lotion Pumps head extrusion. In recent years, with the rise of lightweight and degradable environmental protection concepts, PET emulsion bottle packaging has also emerged.

For lotion bottle packaging, the consumer target is mainly female groups. Exquisite appearance is indeed a very important indicator. In addition, it is very important to carry it. As people go out more and more frequently, it is inconvenient to carry the lotion bottle in the past. Can not be washed and washed; plastic bags, small bags or small-capacity laundry liquid bottle packaging is urgently needed.

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