How To Solve The Problem With The Detergent Pump Head?

Nov. 14, 2018

It may be because the Lotion Pumps relies on the rebound of the pump tube to draw in the liquid. The rebound of the peristaltic pump hose takes a certain amount of time. The more viscous the liquid is delivered, the longer it takes to rebound.

Therefore, when the rebound time of the pump is less than the displacement time of the peristaltic pump by one track (the rotation of the peristaltic pump is composed of two wheels, the arc of the two-wheel rotation is 180 degrees, and the circular motion made by one wheel rotating half a turn) The time required is a wheel displacement time, the higher the speed, the shorter this time).

The relationship between the flow rate of the peristaltic pump and the rotational speed is a linear increase. If the time required for the rebound is greater than the time of the track displacement, that is, if the peristaltic pump hose is not fully rebounded and the wheel is pressed again, the flow generated by the peristaltic pump will rebound completely after the revolution. The resulting flow is small.

Of course, if the rotational speed of the peristaltic pump is fixed and the foam pump head is fixed, then one revolution per turn is also fixed.

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