How To Choose The Right Lipstick?

Jan. 15, 2019

Lipstick is a kind of lipstick and lip stick. It is a product that makes the lips rosy and lustrous, moisturizes, protects the lips, increases facial beauty and corrects the contours of the lips. It is one of the essential cosmetic products for women. Shows the sexy and feminine of women.

 First, the method and steps to choose lipstick

1, matte lipstick: calm and long-lasting matte means not reflecting light, the color is calm, the effect is more durable. The disadvantage of matte lipstick is that it is easy to dry and sometimes reveals lip lines.

2, Satin lipstick: low-key shine silk satin lipstick with silk-like low-key luster, and the same color strength as matte lipstick, so it is suitable for most people. Silk satin lipstick is natural and saturated in color. It creates a natural three-dimensional effect on the lips. It is smoother to apply, more moisturizing than matte lipstick, and has no slippery feel of shiny lipstick.

3, Shine lipstick: simple and easy to shine lipstick is the first choice for color makeup beginners. Its ingredients reflect light and cover up the lips, making you look sporty.

Second, the choice of lipstick

1. Apply from the middle of the lips: Use any color lipstick, you can start from the middle of the lips, so that the color of the lips is more prominent, and the glittering lips are more shining.

2, use your fingers to press evenly: prevent the large color of the lipstick so that the lips are tightly attached together, you can use your finger to gently press the lip gloss to fully fit the lip skin.

3, layer smear: First, you can pull it directly out of the lipstick tube, gently apply the lip, and then gently apply a layer, so that the color of the brush will last longer.

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