What Type Of Facial Cleanser Is More Effective?

Nov. 02, 2018

Many Asians always love oil on their skin, and in the winter they will appear dry and peeling. After research, it was found that there was a problem when using facial cleanser. These problems were caused by the use of foam-type facial cleanser on the original water-deficient skin.

Different dosage forms have different cleaning mechanisms and different skin feels. In combination with various skin types, I have the following suggestions:

1. Oily skin: Oily skin Because the skin secretes more fat than the average person, it is necessary to choose some products with stronger cleaning ability. It is often necessary to choose some soap products. Because the soap product is strong in degreasing, it is easy to rinse, and the skin feels very refreshing after washing.

2. Mixed skin: This type of skin is mainly oily in the T position, while the cheeks are generally neutral and may be dry. Therefore, this kind of skin should be balanced in the T-position and the cheek. It is not only necessary to consider the T-position clean and choose some products with very strong degreas, especially in the autumn and winter. I am this kind of skin, but the cheeks are neutral, so I usually use some soaps to wash my face in the summer. In the autumn and winter, because the oil secretion is not so strong, it is replaced by ordinary foam facial cleanser.

3. Neutral skin: This type of skin is the easiest to care for. Generally choose some foam type facial cleanser.

4. Dry skin: It is best not to use foam-type facial cleanser for this type of skin. You can use some cleaning oils, cleansing creams or non-foaming facial cleanser. At present, clean oil products are found in some medium and high-grade products, because they are relatively refreshing in terms of relative cleaning cream.

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