Using Advantages Of The Foaming Pump

Jan. 23, 2019

The foam pump head is different from the emulsion pump head or spray pump head used in daily skin care products. The internal parts of the foam pump head are more complicated than other pump heads. Foamer Pump With Silicone Brush Supplier gives the following instructions.

The working principle of the 1.6cc Foamer Pumps is the same as that of the piston pump. It is also the use of piston movement and the opening of the single-phase valve. The air in the discharge bottle is closed to cause internal and external pressure, so that the liquid rises under atmospheric pressure and the foam is extruded.

It has the following advantages

1. Easy to use: The pump head is extruded into a foam, eliminating the need for water to wash and foam.

2. consumption: each use is 1/2 of the amount of ordinary emulsion.

3. the effect is doubled: direct foaming, not easy to fall, so that the effective ingredients in the foam are fully utilized, greatly improving the effect of cleaning, sterilization, moisturizing.

 1.6cc Foamer Pumps

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