Three Major Mistakes In The Use Of Moisturizing Spray

Oct. 20, 2018

The air conditioning in the office devours the moisture in our skin, and almost every female colleague's table is filled with a spray of spray.

With just one click, the tiny misty water droplets instantly make you water-like, but after a few minutes, you feel your face is dry, and there is a slight sting! what happened? !

Myth 1: The higher the mineral content of hot spring spray water, the better.

In fact, the process of active exchange between hot spring water and skin is only about one minute. The higher the salt content, the shorter the residence time of the spring water. After the water is volatilized, the minerals and salt that are not absorbed by the skin will stay on the skin surface, minerals. The higher the content of water, the more salt crystals remain on the surface of the skin. Since the salt is water-absorbent, the salt crystals on the surface of the skin will absorb water from the inside and the outside of the skin, so that the water will not be formed, but will cause dehydration.

Myth 2: In order to fully exchange hot spring water with the skin, the longer the stay, the better.

When the moisture remaining on the skin is volatilized, the salt crystals on the surface of the skin will absorb water from the inside and outside of the skin, but will take away the moisture inside the skin. Therefore, in order to better hydrate, the appropriate time is to let the skin contact with water. In about a minute, then gently soak the water with a cotton face towel.

Misunderstanding 3: Hot spring water can be used as spray hydration

Not all hot spring water is suitable for spray hydration, and spring water suitable for spraying should be selected from dermatological special spring water. If used improperly, it will cause harm to the skin.

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