What Is The Difference Between Liquid Foundation, Powder Cake And Loose Powder?

Oct. 22, 2018

The main role is to even out skin tone, adjust the skin color, and make the skin look more natural and even. Secondly, the liquid foundation also has a certain concealing ability. Especially for fine lines and spots, the liquid foundation will effectively cover similar flaws, making the skin look healthier and more natural. The color of the liquid foundation is preferably close to the skin color or slightly whiter than the skin tone.

Powder cake

We usually have two types of powder cakes, a dual-purpose powder cake and a dry powder cake. The dual-purpose powder cake can be used for wet or dry use. When the wet powder is used, the puff is squeezed out of water and then squeezed out 70% of the water, and then the powder is rubbed, so that the powder is not much different from the liquid foundation, but attention is paid. Be sure to observe the powder while not too thick. When applying makeup, the powder can not be used alone, it must be used after the liquid foundation, otherwise it will fall off easily, resulting in streaking effect.

Loose powder

Both honey powder and loose powder are used to fix makeup. Actually, you can choose according to your own preferences. Loose powder is usually packed in a large box, coated with a large powder puff. The powder and loose powder are also compressed. They are placed directly in a box, just like a powder cake, but it is not a powder cake. The hiding power is very low, transparent and easy to carry.

Loose powder can be used directly on the liquid foundation, or after the liquid foundation, on the face, with a large makeup brush to remove the floating powder. The effect is natural and the skin looks fine. The disadvantage is that it is not easy to maintain. Generally, it is necessary to make up a little for about three hours. The advantage is that there will be no uneven application. In general, the powder is mainly used for makeup, and the loose powder is used for the final makeup or the usual makeup. The three can be used at the same time, and the hiding power is best.

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