The Design Of Essential Oil Bottles Should Be Differentiated

Feb. 11, 2019

Essential oils, there are not many people in the past. In recent years, as people in the country have gradually strengthened their understanding of essential oils, more and more people are beginning to recognize and use essential oils. This has led to an increasing demand for essential oils, and the demand for Essential Oil Bottles packaging is also increasing. So what is the specification of essential oil bottles on the market? Is there room for improvement?

Currently, the mainstream Glas Essential Oil Bottles on the market use specifications of 5ML, 10ML and 15ML. This is mainly because the amount of essential oil used in a single use is small, and the small capacity can ensure that the essential oil is used for a long time. It can be said that these mainstream packaging forms and the consumption habits of essential oils are still correct. However, nowadays, such as beauty salons and other institutions, because of the large amount of use, such small capacity is not suitable, and should be differentiated in these large places in beauty salons to meet different needs.

Essential Oil Bottles

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