Why Do Cosmetics Mostly Choose Glass Packaging?

Jan. 30, 2019

Conventional cosmetic packaging materials are basically plastic and glass. Glass bottles contain the following benefits:

1. The composition of the glass is relatively stable, and it is not easy to produce a chemical reaction with the skin care product. Generally speaking, it is to use skin care products in glass bottles. It is not easy to deteriorate.

2. Glass bottles have a sense of high-grade, the main marketing of sales of skin care products is two concepts, the value + effect, transparent glass bottles often give consumers a high-level feeling, and fill some transparent or colored Skin care products look good

3. The glass bottle is heavier and more weighty in the hand.

4. Customized Essential Oil Bottles are more convenient and more thorough than plastic bottles. Plastic bottles, packaging materials are the easiest to disinfect, the most thorough method is water washing, followed by high temperature baking disinfection. The glass bottle is washed and baked without any problem because the glass is resistant to high temperatures.

Therefore, it is reasonable for merchants to choose glass bottle skin care products. China Glass Packaging Supplierrecommends that you can buy small bottles when you go out.

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